Jewish Opava – a one-day seminar

between 24-30/10/2021
Opava (Czech Republic) & online

The lectures will take place at the University of Opava.
The Concert will take place in the most famous Opava music club

Event in the program of “Galicia, Silesia and Spis in the light of common Jewish heritage” project


A seminar about Jewish heritage of Opava (a city in Moravian-Silesia region in Czech, near Polish border). Jewish life of Opava through stories of famous Jewish families of Opava, who are buried in the Opava Jewish cemetery, which on its own is an exceptional historical monument. The seminar will be prepared based on historical research of local experts, and will include:

1. presentation of the Jewish cemetery in Opava.
2. lecture by a rabbi about Jewish funeral customs followed by an open question-answer session.
3. concert of Jewish music from regions of Silesia, Galicia and Spis – by the famous Mojše Band, commented live by an expert researcher, composer and virtuoso of cimbalom – Michal Pal’ko. 



This Event is a part of Galicia, Silesia and Spiš in the light of common Jewish heritage Project realised by the Center for Progressive and Reform Judaism in Krakow and its partners Beit Silesia (Slovakia) and the Mojše Band (Czech Republic) with the support of the International the Visegrad Fund