Project Presentation Evening – Jewish history of the region: Galicia, Silesia, Spiš

between 28/11-6/12/2021 – Kraków, Poland


Event in the program of “Galicia, Silesia and Spis in the light of common Jewish heritage” project

A series of lectures about the Jewish history of the Galicja, Silesia and Spiš – regions historically connected by a common spiritual and academic center – Kraków. The lectures will present:

1. The Jewish history of Galicia and Spis with the Krakow as a spiritual center.

2. History and presence of the cooperation between Krakow and the Silesian Jewish communities.

3. The lecture will be accompanied by the theatre conventional concert of Jewish music connecting all three regions.

4. The important part of the event will be the story of successful renovation of the tempel synagogue in Krnov – told from first-hand by the people who were leading the project, members of Beit Silesia association.

The project presentation evening will be a part of a series of fundraising events for a renovation of a historic synagogue in the center of Krakow – a project led by the Center for Progressive and Reform Judaism in Krakow.





This Event is a part of Galicia, Silesia and Spiš in the light of common Jewish heritage Project realised by the Center for Progressive and Reform Judaism in Krakow and its partners Beit Silesia (Slovakia) and the Mojše Band (Czech Republic) with support of the International the Visegrad Fund